Learn more about LUMOXITI dosage and administration through these helpful resources:

Dosage & Administration Guide

This downloadable brochure walks you through the dosage and administration process for LUMOXITI.

Step 1: Calculate Dose1

  • Calculate the dose (mg) and the number of LUMOXITI vials (1 mg/vial) to be reconstituted. The final concentration of the reconstituted LUMOXITI solution is 1 mg/mL
    • DO NOT round down for partial vials
  • Individualize dosing based on the patient’s actual body weight prior to the first dose of the first treatment cycle
    • A change in dose should only be made between cycles when a change in weight of greater than 10% is observed from the weight used to calculate the first dose of the first treatment cycle. No change in dose should be made during a particular cycle.

Step 2: Reconstitution1

Reconstitute LUMOXITI vials with Sterile Water for Injection, USP only.

Step 3: Dilution1

Add the IV Solution Stabilizer to the infusion bag prior to adding LUMOXITI solution to the infusion bag. Vial of IV Solution Stabilizer is packaged separately.

Step 4: Administration Instructions1

For intravenous infusion only.1

Storage Times and Conditions for Reconstituted and Diluted LUMOXITI Solution