Approximately 1000 new cases of hairy cell leukemia are diagnosed every year in the United States1

There is no cure for hairy cell leukemia; patients may relapse4

  • 10% to 15% of patients will respond poorly or not at all to frontline therapy7
  • For patients still in remission at 5 years following relapse, the rate of second relapse may be as high as 25% by 15 years8
  • There are treatment options available for patients who relapse following purine nucleoside analog treatment

CR Rates and PFS Across Lines of Therapy

1L = first line; 2L = second line; 3L = third line; CR = complete response; PFS = progression-free survival; yrs=years. Retrospective review of data from 233 patients with HCL undergoing different lines of therapy from 1986 to 2008, with a median follow-up of 16.0 years. Shown here are data for patients who received single-agent pentostatin or cladribine. First-line treatment: Of 233 patients, 188 received pentostatin, and 45 received cladribine.Second-line treatment: Of 84 patients, 26 received pentostatin, and 58 received cladribine.Third-line treatment: Of 23 patients, 4 received pentostatin, and 19 received cladribine.
*Includes nonresponders.